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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
  • Agustín Esquema del Lenguaje - Ella

7-O: tribute to AGC at the Faculty of Philology, Seville

Tribute to Agustín García Calvo at the Faculty of Philology, University of Seville.

Agustín García Calvo

'DE AGUSTÍN GARCÍA CALVO' from 9 to 12 December 2015 public library the coordination Shell House: JAVIER DE PEDRO


Marbella 2014 (concert Sine Die) book fair

Following days Hommage to the prolific and heterodox Agustín García Calvo, last night our senses were treated to a delicious concert with the Arab wall of Marbella...


Agustín García Calvo-theatre day

19, 20, 21, 22 and 27 September Zamora main theatre

Tribute to AGC at the annual Conference of Pizpirigana in sands of...

Thursday day 6 Ester Bellver: all at one. Sunday 9th to noon talk and recited Isabel Squire: "RE-cordando to Agustín García Calvo", accompanied by Victoria Gullón, romancera.

Panel discussion on the book ones and other: encounters with do AGC?

Ones and others: encounters with do Agustín García Calvo? "." Editorial Triacastela Fundación Juan March, Madrid may 27, 2013

Cycle of conferences AGC in Zamora (since friendship)

Hall of the public library of the organized State: Forum citizen of Zamora collaborates: public library of the State of Zamora from April 26 to May 17, 2013

Tribute to AGC in the III week of the letters of the UCM

April 23, day of the book, tribute to Agustín García Calvo, within the III week of the letters. Auditorium of the faculties of philology and philosophy of the Complutense University of Madrid

Voice: in memory of Agustín García Calvo

Ateneo de Madrid Tuesday 16 April, 19:00 - Auditorium recorded and uploaded to youtube by Teresa Rodríguez Vázquez

Reading of the donkey died by setback Theatre

Videos of the recitation of backset Theatre, "A dead donkey" García Calvo 22 of March of 2013 Zamora public library

Tribute to the libertarian poet Agustín García Calvo

Speakers: Isabel Escudero, Pablo Nacarino, Principe Galin organized by the libertarian movement and the 15 meters from Colmenar Viejo March 2, 2013

Release of 'women' I. Escudero and Quesia

Recital and talk with Isabel Escudero and Quesia cycle "Women against power" tribute to Agustín García Calvo Ateneu Llibertariu d' Uviéu February 22, 2013

The Popular classroom José Luis Garcia Rua 2013 Conference

Poems and songs from Agustín García Calvo, by Boni Ortiz and Ivan Sansegundo - classroom Popular José Luis Garcia Rua (24-01-2013)
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