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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
  • Agustín Esquema del Lenguaje - Ella

Songs of good and evil, by Agustín García Calvo

Songs of good and evil, by Agustín García Calvo

Only of the negated

Poetic anthology do Agustín García Calvo? Monterrey: Ed. illiterate, 2013 (col. Lucina)

Bobomundo. Chants sung by AGC

Transcripts in music of Javier Sánchez of the chants of AGC in Bobomundo.

Andrea: For you I wanted to be

Andrea sings and music the poem 50 songs and soliloquies

Carmen Esteban: poems of AGC

Poems of songs and soliloquy, sung by Carmen Esteban Agustín

Cent flying: poems of AGC

Cent flying: poems of AGC

Song of Virginia

Romance of the dead beloved bouquet Romances and ballads Agustín García Calvo also set to music and performed by Virginia

Juan Matute: Agustín poem

Poem by Agustín of the book of spells also set to music and sung by Juan Matute

Songs by Luis Ramos

Bouquet Romances and ballads Sung, musicadas and ceded to this anthology by Luis Ramos.

Javi Sanmartín: poems of AGC

7 Agustín poems set to music by Javi Sanmartin, in Valencia in 2000

Songs of Sine Die

Poems: songs and soliloquies Ramo de romances and ballads of Agustín García Calvo Sung and set to music by Sine Díe

luis Miguel Álvarez García: I would like to know how

Poem of AGC and more songs and other games "this is the melody that I usually sing these verses of Agustín; Maybe feel like someone put music... "

Prince Galín canta Brassens

Versions of Agustín García Calvo IN MEMORIAM George Brassens - Prince Galin

Songs by Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio

Songs by Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio

Farluquito and Arle

The first time we sing it was in tribute that the Popular encyclopedic Ateneo made Agustín García Calvo, the 7 of December 2012.

Ramo de romances: Roberto García

Three romances for singing of the bouquet of romances and ballads, set to music by Roberto García, Sung and recorded by him on analog tape.

Amancio Prada: poems of AGC

Agustín poems set to music and sung by Amancio Prada

Tasio Miranda: poems of AGC

Agustín García Calvo set to music poems and interpreted by Tasio Miranda, accompanied by Puri Santamaría and Ricardo Urrutia.

Ana Leal: Flower of the night

It's a record that had to serve as a background in the representation of the work "Passion", AGC, (which was played in an istituto de Fuenlabrada years ago).

The boy who plays Piccolo

Le Petit Joeur de Fluteau Georges Brassens Version of AGC to sing

Antonio Selfa sings to AGC

Antonio Selfa puts music to these poems of Agustín

Single songs

'Single songs', songs, recitations, party with Agustín García Calvo and Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio

Songs sung by Agustin

Agustín singing several songs
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