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  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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Steps to follow to make your purchase

It is very easy to make a purchase on . Just follow the following steps. If in doubt, contact via the contact tab or call 980-530-910


  1. 1 selection of products
  2. 2 data for billing and delivery
  3. 3. transport
  4. 4. method of payment and conditions
  5. 5 end of order


The data obtained by this procedure will be subject to the current organic data protection law.



First you must select the products that you wish to buy. So click on one of the categories from the menu that appears on the left and once you access the list of articles, click on the picture or title of the product of interest. Then select the same options and click on the button "buy now".

After you add any product to your order, it appears the "shopping cart" detailing the selected products (can be seen at any time by clicking on the button "view basket" that appears at the top of the page).

In the shopping cart, it is possible to modify the number of items that you selected. To do this modify the quantity that is to be reintroducing it in the quantity box and click Update. If you want to eliminate any of the products in the shopping cart click on the "x" line to the article in question.

In the shopping cart you can:

  • Continue selecting products. To do this you simply either continue navigating the side menu of categories or click on the text "go to the catalogue".
  • Calculate the price of transportation using a form of selection of destination and logistics operator.
  • Make the purchase. Click on the button "pay". In case of being identified as a client will display data from point number 2. Otherwise it will be necessary, either log in or use the registration form previously.


  1. Billing and delivery.

First are the billing data (by default are used which were provided to the registry for this object and the delivery). It is possible to vary them by clicking on the button "modify data".

Additionally it is possible to add comments on delivery or order data in general within the related box.

Once verified data, click on 'continue'.



It is necessary to choose a form of delivery of those offered in the list. Depends on the availability is possible to collect the purchase in the physical establishment of

Next delivery method the price can know by the cost of the delivery, VAT included.

To continue, press "continue".



Economic data on the amount of the purchase and the cost of shipping taxes included may then be known.

Choose a method of payment for listings in the screen. More information about them.

It is highly recommended read the General conditions governing the purchase and confirm your acceptance.

Click on the button "Finish".

If you selected to pay by credit card, at this time be redirect to the gateway's payment, which will be shown the form that must be completed with all the data. Follow all the steps to go back to at any time you can cancel operation and redirect back to the web site. If during the payment process online is cancelled or the connection is broken by a technical failure, it is possible to continue with the payment from the user area of the customer within the purchase delivery note.



The order has been successfully completed. Shall notify details of the purchase by a. In , it is possible to print the request from the user of the client area.

For any doubt, problem or suggestion please contact Customer Service Department.

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