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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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What power can not

What power can not

What power can not


Agustín García Calvo

4 September 2012


Published in El País on 4 September 2012. Available at []

True that, in the faith of the old regime of the Almighty (with a todoque not remove you of infinite, being clear) that today in the centers, has streets and homes of the current regime, when heard confessing that the money, the power can do everything to make sure that Yes, that can do everything: not how to believe that power?, how to say no to that?: would that be what power?

I now remember that, last year, after calls from the 15-M revolts, a few we spent the nights of summer, until already at this time, attending the Puerta del Sol with a humble public address device to attract the attention of some of the many passers-by and put together as well some asambleilla where live political issues and the common.

One of them was this of "see, imagine: it is possible, you can live without money?". To which, among other things, memories and testimonies that emerged, one who hung out there, not so young, was ahead to ask with a tris of derision:-not better that we asked us before if you can live with money?

To that, some went out immediately:-here friend seems to be using that live in other way than the current.

-Because I do not know: I would say it with the same sense that is said about the bugs and the herbs and other things, and those I do not deny that they do not live with money. -No, those not. Except in the case that will be yours.

-Mine? It HA! But those do not see since there are things? -Ah, no? Then what? -Money isn't it? It is clear.

-Too liosas are them of itself: not we llamabais to untangle them? -Just in case; or at least to not cheat us both-what is clear is that you you build us a mess with the words.

-How?, for example. -For example, as well: power, whoever, is not who can?

-Yes: Mayor, administrator, the Bank, the father of family, or God or the self-will of one, that is power, which can, isn't it?

- And what it can be? -Like what?: so that: what can, more or less, 3 weeks, 5 centuries...

- But not all, so arriving at this arena, could be heard. -Man, that eludes--maybe passed of power. -Is that if everything could, it wouldn't already nothing to power.

-Who is it who dares to say that? -Nobody, one unknown; It does not matter, and continues.

-I come back to ask what power can? -What can already: neither more nor less. That is, what is instructed. Because you already know: the powers that are those who obey, and the more they obey, they send more.

-Why it is that the power could not invent a gimmick with more power of deception of the democratic regime.

-Either the village overlooking the village. -As if the people could be anything other than what it suffers power.

- And would will not be that you come here, to get rid of power, to deceive us with dreams and hopes? -Can't: that office is already busy: is what the political, financial, or parent you report every day, every moment, so I believe more and more that there are no more than that: that power can do everything.

-Already. So you have discovered that it doesn't and comes it here to sing.

-Let's see, what is that power can not? -Indeed, that has already happened: that can not make it happen, right? -Perhaps. Or will again. - Or many. - But that is no longer the same. - And, if it is not the same, that again will already be otherwise

-So we finish, my friend: what is that power can not? -It is not likely. -Ah. -It is not future, right? I understand: because what is already future, is already done, you know, and cannot pass.

-Eh? What is that? But the odds, man, they are not made, they are not known. - But are calculated, boy, as you know, by the calculation of probabilities: is that thing real or the system?

-Is that in which the power is founded. Probabilities, which power knows, are the deaths of the possibilities of power don't know, master.

- And then, many things there is power can not? Many? -For those, those: that power can never are all, these are (how tell you?) almost all, little sister.

-Oh, summer 2011, if you come back to laugh like you know! Because, what is that we wait...

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