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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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To great ills...

To great ills...

To great ills...


Agustín García Calvo



Published in the country on 29-01-2012 - available at []

Great remedies? No, by God! That would be extremely dangerous: it could threaten evil own, and then what would be the welfare regime?

The remedies of the crisis with which we overwhelm are an illusion, delusion and sad amusement

I'm talking about what everyone is talking about: the current political, or be economical of our States, disturbing certainly not to say that disastrous: is that during long years is has been called crisis, that touches us to the demands of the European economic union lately to less educated or well governed countries, and which in any case just affects the developed Statesthe Europeans, the United of America or Japan, in such a way that it is obviously an evil inherent to the the welfare system that has come to stop the development.

I stop here to noting, if needed, the enormous disproportion (numerical, monetary) measures political, financial, and economists propose, imposed on their populations and to put into practice as best they can against the magnitude of the failures, needs, mess or holes occurring in the economy of the States. Others, more scholars than I of major accounts and figures, should have made it known, albeit timidly, that disproportion: that together all the amounts of those remedies that have been proposed or applied, not could be mounted more than a paltry fraction of those new needs and misalignments of States, banks or any finance represented.

Without figures, common sense just see that these measures or remedies that leaders take them today are the same who is remembered as the old regime's own: restrict spending, tightened, as said, the belt, and to save, remedies ridiculously unfit for the current regime, which moves very far away from the tangible things monetary circulation and waste and production of objects not ordered or directed to more consumption than your purchase. So, if some humor stopped you living people, you would laugh such measures and remedies as of a poultice applied to cancer.

It is clear, except for who has an interest in not seeing it, that evil belongs to the current regime in the developed world, the power delivered to the movement of the money.

It would be a good chance to recognize that this regime, with all its enormous success and for the quality of its success, was in its structure and program itself foolish, one of the great Follies that mark the history of deluded beings who we are: pretend that life that could live you can change calmly for a dedication of the people (and things) to sell and buy each other, and pretend that what happens, is happening or may happen, reduce everything in time, future (which is only with that money knows work), and that that future cash should be taken as a substitute for the life and the possibilities. That folly, indeed, cannot be attributed to any economist or illustrious minds that have invented it and manage it: as well as today cannot be understood in economics and finance to provide reason for what happens to the money (don't understand what happens because they believe that), so can not blame them Foundation neither address the regime's money: is the money which, with their ideas and theories, taken at your service to make your own, that is, to perform the functions that correspond to the single.

The evils which give rise to many complaints, arrangements and diatribes belong to the same regime of money, common sense tells him.

It would be unkind to me thinking that with this I am proposing as a single cure radical regime change, an abandonment of the money. It is not. But that does not remove so that it makes sense try that many people from the common recognizes that the remedies of evil that overwhelm them and bored are an illusion, delusion and sad amusement.

It is true that this newspaper and other media have to devote long attention and space to these illusory measures and ensuing discussions: in the end and after the information is probably the most important industry of the welfare system, which moves more capital. But that this does not remove that, for some live rest of imperfection and doubt, can you in this or other media devote to common sense a corner.

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