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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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The long Crisis

The long Crisis

The long Crisis


Tuesday, June 5, 2011

Agustín García Calvo




Photo: José Ayma


García Calvo, Agustín. "Long crisis". [Online]. The country. June 5, 2011. Available at: [consultation: June 7, 2011].

The long Crisis

How many years will you do that the term crisis continues to make his game between economists and politicians, but also in the mouths of the people who we are when we believe it? Slow step is the Crisis: nothing of that of 1929, when the great company sank suddenly and bankers are pulling skyscrapers: Capital learns over time: those were the years of his wild and turbid teens: now that you are moving your maturity, has gained much in prudence and cunning to sustain itself. And, if you don't like these which seem to biological metaphors, mood, readers continue reading a little more.

Rife among the people a malaise of welfare, a failure of the ideal and faith?

In the meantime, the Crisis is a good example of how political and economic reality makes effort to give a term meaning that had (will have to do with criticism or judgment was krisis?, or comes in case of medical use, when it was said that a disease was crisis?), so thus is canned in the almost technical name a vague uneasiness that threatened to spread among the people: a malaise of welfare?, a failure of the ideal and faith?

Film Ferguson Inside Job that looks these days tries to deal with the issue, focusing on the United States in the 1980s to almost present, while presenting the passage some other illustrious and fast, cases such as the Iceland, their lands and people torn in a few years with the entry of your banking and Government in the great money wave, the regime that we have more than 40 years and wants to encompass the world. and offers the movie, by the way, terrifying views half secret handling of the great company, Capital and the State finance during those years.

What is the error which makes it useless for revelation or rebellion and which allows, therefore, is not only tolerated it in high culture centres that you reward as good documentary?

Film is, in the vast majority of their time and planes, in a string of faces of economists, bankers, agents bag, big-business executives, researchers of the State Treasury, engineers of finance, responding to the interviewer, defending, attacking, reviewing the causes of evil and its future, a unbearable string, and more for those who do not believe that, at the same timethey understand what is happening with the money.

There is no doubt the critical intention of filmmakers; that's good intentions is only filled the sad story. Such emphasis on faces and opinions of those who ride these goings contributes to the human illusion of believing that you know really what they say or do and that they are leaders and leaders of the shebang.

And, if any reader tells me "already, but the fact is that, at times, without knowing, they succeed", then, Yes: to force probe with the computer, any slightly ready learn how to make the computer command, and, occasionally, find it; that does not prove nothing to know, as they make believe and they think what they do or what they say.

But the worst mistake is that, with that attention to people, we hide and grace discover that the person money, capital and the companies, States, have and develop, such as natural bodies, tricks and tricks to stay, grow, change to remain, escapes us sick, recovering, perishing so others are born of their bodies.

Do not just it is to believe you? Clear: you believe in people. And you have to believe in leaders, authors, guilty, because that faith is the human reality: how would you fill the media if not with names of Ministers or employers and opinions on its merits or faults?, how would having a society of authors, musicians and poets, to defend their rights?

Or let's see what is natural, we attribute them to the other animals, trees, stars and atoms: have not heard that Natura, the unknown, has to become a reality, that learning math and try to fit them to a certain extent? Then what strange them if also, in this kind of things that we are, are formed (companies, States, banks, bags) organisms that develop their laws, ordinations and calculations to hold while they can?

Only that our management is imposed as superior to any other: is faith in that you can order the world (and, incidentally, sort each) from above, in the future. It is that management that produces, present, as there is among us of chaos in traffic, legislation, passionate disasters or financial crises. But that faith in our management what is covering up what they had, and there is, underneath it's other ordinations; such hidden writing school and academic regulations and it hinders the subconscious, and common order of the living language.

One human, and upper management another beating below that: you will see how much of yourself is left with one and what goes with the other.


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