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The language... gentlemen

The language... gentlemen

The language... gentlemen


El Pais newspaper. 2008-07-02


Gentlemen: the language is not of anybody; that machine's wonderful complexity that you use, "with which is usually the people fablar to your letter", is not of anybody; not already the common language, which does not appear in reality rather than as languages of Babel, but not even one of these languages or languages is no one, and no academic or Emperor that can send in their machinery, nor change by decree or more what a rule, for example, of oppositions between phonemes and neutralization Combinatorics of oppositions which govern it.

Writing, culture, administrative organization, the school, laws, opinions, those do have owner; and the owner is always: header, his Secretaries, his priests, who believed that it knows what it says.

And those already know what they want or need: want to order the world, map, populations; It is the large, spoiled ninny children terrible game, which has been sweeping land and the torturing people since the beginning of the story, on behalf of the Ideal; and so wanting, for example, that Spain is one, that the United States are one, that Catalonia is a, Euskal Herria or Galicia be an of each... Gives the same thing: the case is ideal to everyone within the borders that touch them: that all may be one.

By means of writing and school, power has again used languages or languages for this purpose: taking a simplified range of the respective language, and without going to the machinery of the language block, has imposed by law (but always through the school and writing) to a certain extent a uniform language within the boundaries that the ups and downs of history have been handed out to that form of power; Rome thus imposed on the vast territory of the Empire the linguistic unit, for just a couple of centuries, while people were returning to do his thing and unloaded latin in innumerable dialects; and similar feats have been then, in more or less extensive territories, as, for example, the conversion of Hebrew, a dead language, relatively uniform, language of the State of Israel.

In what would be Europe some eight centuries ago, educated men, who spoke different languages or dialects as a daily language, tried to keep, and kept for about five centuries, a common language, the latin resurrected in writing, not just for school and scientific disputes, but also for international dealings. But, in the meantime, modern States, the Spanish, the French, the English, had already, and preferred to repeat, each in its own field, the Empire company: the unification of the various languages and dialects under the same ideal; a language one State one; and in the same idea have followed them all Nations stamp State, small or larger, trying to divide the world map.

True to which a relatively uniform language occupy vast areas, it has its advantages, not only for commercial and administrative procedures, but so that, for example, this barrage against the traffickers of languages to reach more people than if you wrote it in sayagués; but the account of it with that earns the denunciation of lying against it earns the spread of lying, who, gentlemen, will help me take that account?

In the end, what power, national, regional, universal, wants to do with languages and the people, that either, if allowed to feel, knows it. Something of shame given that learned and enlightened men confused in a trance as this management unificatorios of one or the other administration with machine, free, language and unknown. But neither that should surprise us too much, knowing and suffering, as we suffer, what is the condition of culture and that of the person.


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