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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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The Higgs boson was not truth

The Higgs boson was not truth

The Higgs boson was not truth  


Agustín García Calvo

14 July 2012


Published in El País on 14 July 2012. Available at []


However the majority of the faithful have believed it is, that science came at last to give them the solution of the problem of the universe that so overwhelmed them, and they have at least been about to believe him.

Is not of this world: the necessity of faith and fun is always a lot; but is more notable and that, after so many disappointments, something so simple and ubiquitous as this news may serve for the case: because this is the problem remains as vivid as ever, and just some ignorant we look to the network (better than books and of course to the classroom) to realize the living following discussions between physicists and mathematicians more or less on budding or retired about issues and fundamental terms of theory and physics calculations (i.e., logical about realities or universes), and surprises so be still this relative success in the presentation of ideas as a 'corpuscle', 'mass' and others that are already a few centuries of desmentimiento: is as if it counts more and more with a childishness in people who has undergone education and the means of progress.

They have not missed not throughout these centuries some wise, and what matters most, honored, that, already freed from fears for his promotion, have dared to declare to the people the truth about the lies of science; so have read more than once how the own Einstein declared once the ideas or theories referring to reality are not true (sicher), and, if they are true, do not refer to reality. Clear to say things cone those, if one is still preparing his Doctoral thesis or its ascent to the chairs of the world...

But it was inevitable: already many years earlier that had mounted throttle longer and more expensive in the world, after so many uncertainties and lack of news, not be us offered to order information of light and hope for huge expenditures and jobs of thousands of employees that had to be Accelerator, if not of particles, information; and thus has been removed from the physical speculation remains something that could serve to entertain a while waiting for the staff.

As well, kind readers, let you hear (does not need to believe to change anything) what remains of common sense from the less believers say well clear: was also not true, there has been no such thing as an approach to the ultimate solution: problem is so alive and flourishing since they invented theories about the world. It cannot be that you are discover a solution, theory, philosophy, or science into reality, which, using the actual vocabulary terms, try giving with the guided everything; because, then, the same guided would enter to form part of the reality and could say nothing new and desmentidor about it.

Here is the simplest one we'd have to have discovered: that reality is not all there is; that is a war or conflict between the imposition of ideals or a mathematical language closed claim, and resistance always live against this imposition; of never quite finished things against the numbers and the end: for example 'mass', when more, it would be that resistance, always thick, which, not having 'everything', can not be 4% of nothing.

But that power doesn't care: he has that offer solutions, i.e., avoid discoveries that may hinder the March of Capital, and thus, among other thousand stories, offer you a boson to soothe the impatience, kill time.

Clear that not say you that there is over everything, that is the ultimate solution: always remain some details that clarify, some calculations that improve; because that, otherwise, would be precisely to deliver you from the future, which is essential the power weapon, and already do not have nothing to do, work, or find you a degree in universities; and without a future, you encontraríais in a world empty and dead.

It would be as if happen to any financial malaconsejado fit their theories proclaiming that they will finish with the Economic Crisis once and for all.

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