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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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The boy who plays Piccolo

The boy who plays Piccolo

Le Petit Joeur de Fluteau
Georges Brassens
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The boy who plays Piccolo
He went to the Palace to Ding.
By the grace of the ton and are
the King has offered a blazon.
"Be a noble I don't want:",
the which answered.
"with the key coat of arms, already"
is hincharía my sol-fa-la;
It would seem in place and Inn
'the coming has made treason.'
And the Bell Tower of the village, at the end,
I will be very low and ruin;
I will never go to his knees
to the Sananton of our altar:
my great soul would require
Senior Saints
and a bishop in the key, and now
The alcove where the light I saw
I will be a vile hypothalami;
of my poor faithful bed
I will turn to a canopy bed,
My hut and his love
SIRS rooms:
with mansion in the key, already
You ashamed to tell
What grandparents came to roll;
would make it an ugly (I know it)
the branch that I grew up:
I would like my character
illustrious lineage tree,
blood blue in my key, and as
No one was going to marry me
with the bride to whom my faith I gave:
It was not going to give my last name I
to any Maripepa not:
asked by Consort
daughter of a large Court:
with Duchess in the key, already
. …..
The boy who plays Piccolo
reverence made him and mohin
the Palace, and without glory and without
medal or title, pin-pin
He returned to his village and hut,
his relatives and his girl.
They will not say in place or Inn
"the coming has made treason"
and his people will have
the musician and his Sun-fa-la"


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