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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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Home » Interviews » «The 15-M movement must lose their fear of ending democracy

«The 15-M movement must lose their fear of ending democracy

«The 15-M movement must lose their fear of ending democracy
"The 15-M movement must lose the fear to destroy democracy"

Interview with Agustín García Calvo in La Opinion de Zamora. July 10, 2011

"The error of the discontented was trying to imitate the current political regime assemblies in which they voted and they asserted the opinion of the majority '
Garcia Calvo, Augustine. "" The 15-M movement must lose the fear to end democracy '. "[in line]. La Opinion de Zamora. . Jul. 10, 2011 Available from: [Accessed 11 July 2011].

JOSE MARIA Sadia. On 19 May, the poet and essayist Agustín García Calvo Zamora found in the Puerta del Sol rebellion that had been waiting since I participated in the revolt of the young against the power in several European countries during the decade of the sixties. Before thousands of people expressed a thought pillars counter fixing in democracy as its main enemy "regime" subjugated to the "money power." Some cheered his words. Others simply did not understand him. A failure to propose an alternative to the current political model, words García Calvo follows their struggle to stand at a whining dissent and skepticism. Note that the means are left to the 'regime' instruments. When ideas like yours are published is a "surprise" or a "mistake." These pages are therefore a "loophole" that slip by some of his thoughts.

-In his address to the Puerta del Sol, reminded youth movement of discontent that you lived more than forty years ago ...

Most live-and what better of this rebellion-call people less educated youth seem a fascist is that they started with this does not know what they were doing. The important thing is that I was not obeying laid plans, but came to them below, provoked by discontent against the regime of welfare, we have had to endure over the years. The then tended by the desire to do something real and realistic obeying the same methods and tricks that the regime itself has normally in use, so that assemblies are no longer free and without number and become congresses and parliaments they send. My attitude has since been, along with a few of them, to try to keep the original meaning with which I greeted the May 19 arrival of this unexpected manifestation of discontent.

'Speak the word' future 'as an alibi of the political regime of our time, what you propose as an alternative?

'It's not an excuse, but a necessity. Try to imagine the future running money or try to imagine a state that consists of nothing but planning and forecasting. This is not an excuse, it is a necessity for the maintenance of this order is to change to follow the same. When something from below, Village, stands against them, it is clear that it can not have any kind of future. To do something, you Irlo inventing and finding, without having it scheduled. Disgruntled can not use the tricks of democracy: neither counted nor voted, or succeed with large demonstrations likes to television.

-You do not think they are sure to change the current political system ...

-It is not believing, faith belongs to the regime. In the ancient era religious faith and the current it is faith in the money, order and democracy. Among the people below, what happens is that there is dissent in attitudes between those who come together in assembly. On the one hand, a majority will tend to mark an end and a future, and organize demonstrations and such. Another feeling is that this did not happen to get those claims to power.

-Today, do you think the revolution 15-M has helped?

- If you have helped? Clear. Among other things, the impact it has had in the developed world that is ruled by democracy, Denmark, New York ... This has served to demonstrate that Spanish was not a "little thing" and a claim against a labor regulations but something that went further. A revolt against the regime of welfare without more, whole. This is what is highlighted and not deleted. This is not dead. On Thursday I returned it to go to try to keep the original sense of movement with other people.

-The spontaneous movement has emerged, is carried forward the scheme of which you speak?

-Do not send me ... What do spontaneous prophecies is misleading. It was not spontaneous, but has emerged from the abundance of the regime. He's out of town it's called, does not exist, because we're never entirely happy. So should continue rising against a regime in which state capital and are confused. The important thing is that the rebellions against the regime can be no individual complaints, his fall is what goes. Of course this is not the overnight or no reason to wait, so we can but continue patiently trying to discover the deception of democracy, because the first action is against the faith that capital and the state need.

-Speaking in Madrid, you did to the small or great reproach protesters who criticize something and propose, instead, more of the same ...

-He foresaw what was coming ahead, bad route, the majority believe that claims must be proposed. That this is the bad way I've said many times going to the symptom of boredom. When treated really things thoroughly, when it comes to voice discontent, in an assembly nobody ever bored, there's always things to say. When projects begin to discuss and vote, then boredom falls like a stone on the assembly.

- Why so insistent in his criticism of the exercise of voting or quantify the number of people attending calls assemblies?

-Democracy is founded in the belief that everyone knows what they want and what they are voting, in order to count the votes for that then most can be passed around. As much as he insists, is the regime that is attacked and can not imitate.

And, compared to 'deception' of democracy, what?

Nothing, follow ...

- What is your model of political system or life in society?

-Attempts and tests can go by. Were among the hippies in California in the sixties, before the Civil War in villages to test ways of life. Always try to see as you can live and live without money, ie fight the fear of what would happen if it sinks and the alleged need to fight that reality has to be. Fighting it is we are fighting against.

- How has your relationship with money throughout your life?

-That of a "privileged means" I've always been. I've never been neither poor nor oppressed, I have this house with some money left by my father, and although suffering enough this state many years as a professor, my relationship with the Treasury and the money has always been ambiguous and contradictory, trying to make trap when you can and when I could escurriéndome. There is nothing special or illustrious.

-Without resorting to prophecies, do you think that fear him break those behind the 15M?

-A person is always made in contradiction. There is a part of fear, in which one is a client or a sudden no more. Then there is a section below that is in contradiction, in which we are at present.

- What do you think of the media and journalists?

-The mass media in the service of power, I do not think you have to say. There are degrees, those born under the regime, such as television, which leave no glimpse into mind. So from the beginning I made the decision to refuse to appear in it. The press, radio, coming from the old regime, is seen to have more cracks and more likely to stick your nose, so I have not stopped trying, just in case you can say something that is not said and what is repeated every day. If something good is school is in error.

- How do you think the people in the Puerta del Sol perceived their message?

-A majority perceived it wrong, thinking they were going to get stuff like that, claims. Another part was not knowing what to do. When I told them this, to do something, did not have a future, many of them responded as if that same heart to leave them.

- Were you recognized?

-Do not. Unfortunately I've never gotten my books are far sold so that you can ensure that the majority did not know me. Fortunately.

Fortunately, ...
Fortunately, so the response was better with which they welcomed me.

She'll raise some words often used in articles about political thought to tell me the first thing that pops into your head. Reality ...

-Contradiction, the site where the ideal imposed from above, from the mathematical god and resistance from below, of the unknown, they are.


-The current system, as well as the capital. They consist of an order from above, we believe that life can be sorted.


-Something that reality is not given. In reality we can not be more than the discovery of lies and faith upon which reality is constituted.


-Serving governments, fortunately just is not complete and, occasionally, there are researchers who discover the ever-living and never solved problems. The vast majority of science is devoted to convince us that we know what the world is.


-All media are subject to power, can not sneak a picture or a word that is not contributing to the lie that makes us believe in the reality like a truth.


He belonged to the old regime, and today it is superseded by a much more real as bank credit, money, the god of theology today. The Catholic Church and other sects continue to coexist comfortable with the theology of money, do not fight.


-A top management made ​​by geometric ideal, that has nothing to do with the people but that imprisons border, whatever. Worst of all, the language, which is the people, to use it as one of the means to sustain faith in the nation.

- The 15M movement has succeeded or failed?

'I'm in it. That's a question for politicians and bankers. Not me can do me or the movement, because here there is neither success nor failure, just a discovery of discontent with the established regime. It is a feeling that is renewed and finds ways to rebel, when you can.

- Have you underestimated the political class to the indignant?

Han wanted top be sympathetic sometimes have wanted to try the boys below speak the same language as them. How are few sellers, trying to understand the movement they have done is fake.
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