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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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Monday, January 22, 2011

Agustín García Calvo

Garcia Calvo, Augustine. "Spelling". [in line]. Fourth. . Apr. 12, 2010 Available at: [Accessed 1 February 2011]. El País.


I have had these past few weeks to learn a great display of pages, airwaves and screens around the Academy arrangements with the Spanish spelling. So boldly, that the majority (not what remains of people or people) admire, shut it down and forces me to drop back here four platitudes on the subject, since not release others.

Culture, which is the power, has robbed people the gift of writing and speaking

The Spanish spelling is almost as bad as the English or French

The Spanish spelling is not bad for those ladyfingers whether or not authorized to write the accent or just this or that and to be called and Greek o ye: this spelling is bad and detestable because, for example, since the official Spanish lost the phoneme H (some dialects remain in use until almost today, when "hungry" they say, "deep" or "drown"), the learned scholars of the seventeenth and eighteenth or left hands free to play with send the letter h that what was being written in Castilian aver man omre or write and have, given that in Latin (as learned they were, knew their little Latin) and had written homine habere; or because, once it was canceled in Castilian opposition distinguish phonemes that writing was what distinguished the language, dig (or, what was the same, cauar) and Lavoro, but fit and taste, the byv letters (when in the eighteenth finished distinguished from each) were left to the decision of the learned, that would direct write mouth or grass, not for nothing, but because they were Latin bucca or herba, but cow and crow, because Latin had been uacca and coruo and imperfect 1st, which for centuries had been in Castilian and had written ava, when the distinction of b / v did not respond to anything in the language, would send that would be written with aba, because it is written in Latin.

These may seem like a couple of innocent pedantry of worship, but, oh reader, as culture is the power, have brought people, which has been losing the gift of writing like you talk, do not know to they stand with the h, the b or v, and need to "write well", ie show their culture, use of authority, need manuals spelling and, at the height of progress, billet 800 pages of spelling Academy.

Not to mention (COUNTRY, December 16, 1991, Esplicando subcoscientes transgressions of sight) of the cases in which, introducing more and more learned words in the language, academic unashamedly spelling was in line to what in the language of origin write, to produce things like weird, obscure or transportation, no one had ever heard in Castilian, but by force of culture, some conscientious speakers to pronounce reached.

In short, the Spanish spelling is bad, almost as bad as the English or the

French, in the sense that it is a constant betrayal of what's really in phonemic and prosody of the language, and so costituye an endless series of setbacks and pitfalls for people who speaks well and speaks well thanks they do not know how he does that, start writing, I wish to be allowed to simply write as you speak.

And it was so easy ... You have only to look at how to write languages ​​that had never been written, decent scripts have been invented, with more or less success, and more or less interference of petty pedantry, but responding to what was the vocation of writing itself, and especially alphabetic, which was visually play all (or at least the main ones) and alone entities and rules that would tongue; so, for hundreds of languages​​, African, Amerindian, Polynesian, Australian, that a couple of centuries have come to work written by linguists, scholars, but with common sense of what was the function of a writing; or are there near the case of the Basque language, or dialects and unified, for that honest scholars have established a normal script, which does not have to hold out the serious reader to enter traps at least phonemic language .

And even for languages ​​loaded with an ecclesiastical and cultural manipulation as Slavic or Germanic, scripts (Cyrillic were created to write Old Bulgarian Bible or gothic that of Ulfilas, or those used to write the Nordic songs Eda or the old English Beowulf) certainly responding to modern languages​​, and that various avatars have come to give in writings of national languages ​​such as Russian or German, that despite some complications cumbersome together like two or three letters to write one phoneme (al. sch), account properly, if not of prosody, at least phonemic their languages​​; and, what is more, well close, when it became necessary for the Italian a "revolution from above" of scripture, was not so difficult to establish that, unless the same engorros occasional clumsiness or, mostly does not mislead the reader what is really in the language.

I left alone for some reason today why it is that can or should achieve as much attention, propaganda and splendor, the trifles of spelling rules: is that for power, its states and capitals, is of prime importance procure that language with writing (and culture in general) is confused, since writing (same computer that your traditional and digital versions) is something that can be managed from above by laws and schools, which bought and sold and is worth money and promotion in society and the regime, while the tongue is the only machine that is given free to anyone who is no one and no one can put on it, which has its own laws, secret, where no authority to intervene (as you can in writing) and not in a language make changes in their laws from time to time, no one person decides, but a joint assembly there seething below souls. And of course a thing like this it is a constant threat to the order, you need that does not exist or, if such an ideal not just met, at least be hidden and confused with other things manageable, and not and know that there are still alive.

Agustín García Calvo

That's nothing invisible, like common sense or people-to-not-exist: on the contrary, it is well visible: they are some men who think they can send in the language of the people as his own.

Harto is sad because we are stuck with a Royal Academy of Spanish Language, for example, for the attempt to unify and determine what is and what is not Spanish, which, as you see it in writing can send and prescriptive they think they can also send in the language and teach people how to speak well in Spanish. The results can the reader, and even mere listener topárselos everywhere; foolish rules of spelling, dragging a drag of pedantry from the seventeenth century to the present, like sending you type with h 'man' and imperfect in '-ba-' with b, because in Latin, no less, (not in old Castilian, when h-was a phoneme and the opposition 'b / v' ruled, and so was written omre or dava) knew, the ignoramuses of them, which was written in Latin homo or Dabat while graciously allows the Academy and for nothing more than some old cults devoted neglect, we write without h-'harmony' or 'pentameter'. All pejigueras which, from merely writing would not be more crime, but threatening to be (against language, which belongs to no one, and people, which is not one) when thereafter, may become sensitized to broadcasters obey and instead of writing as we speak, speak as you write, dropping things as obstacles, weird or transport. And readers with Dictionaries of Language, trying esplicarle people with an educated inherited ignorance of three or four centuries or, worse yet, to date, the meaning of words is equally encounter, which in itself can never defined, but with academic ineptitude, leading to a series of mistakes and messes up would sound ridiculous to common sense, if they were not so obedient subjects of power.

Harto is sad and painful and feel the burden of Culture wants to put the language in the service of the ideals and needs of the State and Capital. But it becomes even sadder when one over with feminist @ s, or catalanist Alps or galleguist @ s, reproducing the same cultured and academic ineptitude is, meaning that the language is not anyone at the service of their respective flags, and in doing so, show the same thick ignorance whatever language or people; that may be common to not know (people talk so well as talks by not thoroughly know the grammar of their language); but becomes monumental ignorance in them because they think they know themselves.

For today only a couple of examples. When they insist that at least all españolitos say, instead of Lleida, Lleida (like most of them yeízan, will be rather Yeida) or Girona (with a g-Catalan, something like sy-) or not less, Ourense and a Coruña, the most elemental insipiencia reveal that not even realize that just the Names are elements that do not belong to a language, so that, to affix their linguistic patriotism, uncover how bad they know what are the mechanisms of their own language; and in their blindness, thus turning against his own patriotism, not even reconsider that cities that are in the stranger called London or Bordeaux or Warsaw or Beijing showed what was the name and fame enjoyed by outside the borders of a state and its official language.

Similarly, when the feminist @ s, turn against their own language because in Spanish, when in a meeting guys and gals have to say "all" and if a family has children, is spoken in all its "children "is to be taken to the sexual 'male / female' opposition, forgetting that knives or ponds and wells, either almond almonds have sex, and (in English there is no such thing as Genres of names, but that does not will take away the feminist 's also wrong in English against the tongue), what they do with it is to ignore the most basic mechanisms of language, such as custodial oppositions that be annular in certain situations, unmarked term (in this case the Male Gender) which appears as the representative of the annulled opposition ("are necessary pots and pans"); and take to the language, which belongs to no one, nor know anything about sex or social arrangements of the two, the blame for what does not belong, are sporting a disastrous confusion of language (do not know sex as money does not know, the one human being is the thing that gives anyone free) with the Culture, that this really is sexist, as the power is from the beginning of the patriarchal and male history, to the point that when women are put into positions on the scale or social frameworks, with those costitutivamente male positions (president, judge, policeman, minister, etc..), can not fail to betray their own sex, subdued and submissive from the beginning of these 10,000 year history or so, almost nothing at the foot of Language, sinking beyond prehistory, and so they throw into the language, who do not know, but, alas! believe that yes, blame that are social rules, good and impolite, politically correct language use (in), other rules that are sexist or stately with frequency as that establishing and operating a cosciente level where it is ordained that in places, the wedding, the women take their husband's name, or equally prescribed to them give way to the door to the ladies; all of which has nothing to do with the machine language, where one commands more than the people-that-doesn't-exist, common sense, or subconscious, and that the gentlemen (or ladies) not only do not know, but by pretending to know, can not but damage it and make it squeak of those ways.

They had better rebel against those evil states or machismo who guided the dead where they should be left alone and the language, which is the only place where they can find some common people without sex or borders, which is what might up against the power and deny their falsehoods.
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