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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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Home » Articles » Order, Agustín García Calvo at the forefront

Order, Agustín García Calvo at the forefront

Order, Agustín García Calvo at the forefront

Order, Agustín García Calvo at the forefront


The vanguard

June 10, 2011


García Calvo, Agustín. "Order". [Online]. The country. June 6, 2011. Available at: [consultation: June 13, 2011].

I greeted at the door of the Sun to the students and other non-conforming with the regime as the joy that are the unexpected (though now say connoisseurs) and at the same time as something that was still waiting for 46 years, when the wave of youth discontent that had been running between students from the world progressed, Tokyo, CaliforniaParis, came to Madrid (here of the old regime was no more than the police and censorship) and dragged us with it, to then continue with the bands of Germany and end up in lavish Paris may, that is, since the current regime, which is the identification of blatant State with the capital, is being established, the regime of money, until these days that came through their maturity and has given rise to this renewal of discontent.

But I'm here now to readers, if some feel outraged or baffled by this wake up less formed people, which endangers the security of accounts and beliefs that they held it, and fear follow that "If this spreads, the world is sinking them", in order to reassure them somewhat and to invite you to come back to the ideas of politics or economics that were necessary and safe.

It is, in short, the issue of the order. Perhaps those who believe in the social management by laws and plans taxes from higher instances of power (the same who believe in the universe that vulgarizada science offers them), and they despair if that management falters or is challenged, is that they don't want to find out what about reveals them: which that order is not imposed on any chaosthat there has never been, but on another order before and from lower instances interwoven, and it would be wiser, more valuable to the common sense, but that it is spoiled and subsumed by the imposition of higher-order.

This is revealed in the way clearer for the language, which I now. Here the upper instance is writing (with all its developments, imaginisticos, computer and digital) with which our story begins (a few hundred centuries ago nothing more) and on which the culture (school, literary, academic, scientific, religious) has been constituted: this ordination, rules or laws, writing is not imposed on any babbling barbarian or jungle, but on the common and vulgar languagethe common to any languages and lade each language in which it is manifested, that is revealed as a sort or machine, complex and flexible at the same time, since the level of phonemes and prosodias to the syntax of the sentence, and well governed without anyone send it, while not coming to intervene in her consciousness and political or cultural ruleswhich they immediately repeat it and spoiling, since people only speak so well because you don't know (consciously) what does when he speaks.

As well: those who believe in management from the top and are torn the garments when your order threatens to collapse are obliged to declare that what matters, what really counts, is the writing, with all its culture, and that the current and common language are fantasies or negligible waste.

They are required. Do it, gentlemen. Because, if not, how van then to hold a faith in the social order, the legal, the economic, and, in the last progress that has been reached with the regime of welfare? Black go see to believe in that if they felt that underneath there was, and is, another order, perhaps wiser, perhaps richer, and if they do not eliminate all the common language, what is left of people among the people.

Still in the middle of the Empire of the regime of money, have emerged again and again attempts to discover that you can live an orderly way in communities, without money: thus with hippies and others in the 1960s, so before with the anarchos, in the midst of the civil war, in some villages. I already understand that it is easier to follow, albeit at the expense of the chaos of the traffic and the bureaucracy, management provided by the welfare State; that is only seated about the lie, and there are some who think that lying about not you can settle nothing good.

Those attempts have been naturally failing (few of them failing by success, becoming companies standardized under the regime of the money), have gone to history, that telling them every day.

But the fact is that (now see) always remains out there some people who don't believe it, still occasionally speaking and making war.

Agustín García Calvo, philosopher and hellenist, Professor emeritode the UCM.



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