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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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Home » Articles » Old houses: Not converted the rebellion in culture

Old houses: Not converted the rebellion in culture

Old houses: Not converted the rebellion in culture

Old houses: Not converted the rebellion in culture

Text of a. Calvo García and Isabel Escudero on older homes, Cádiz

Published in the world, on October 8, 2005

Or in money. Because you should not delude itself: today what we call culture or cultural tourism is the most refined and last of the money side. The word culture is not an innocent Word, has become, on the other hand, the qualifying Redeemer which facilitates and blesses the new atrocities. Under the pretext of culture and "Cultural property" is reducing this to all tourism. Tourism is the money that most moves and grows, the more cost-effective in developed democracies. The ministries of culture of demotecnocraticos Governments (include under your television, information, football, tourism competition) they move more capital than any other. Whole Madrid appears these days emblazoned of advertising banners (crowning the endless maze of ditches and fences in which this city has become) that proclaim this motto: "We are all tourism".

His gall advertising thus States the true intention of the regime: the desired achievement of the regime underpinning progressed democracies is in the ideal "all tourism". Tourism aims to be the overcoming of history: social classes, individuals, all tourists. That nothing escapes to this motion uniformly accelerated souls and things, that life is only that traffic relentless souls and money, all the facts of the story, even the most miserable, the most bleeding atrocities, passing before our eyes already disabled as parts of Museum of local folklore served as cultural tourism. This tourism project hospitality of Casas Viejas has no doubt received grants millions and supports of policy-makers of the day European, national and regional, because it has been designed and promoted under the umbrella of "cultural property" which seems to protect him for use without any scruple the name of dead ones for reasons and causes well outside and contrary to the interests of any business. Our whole life and our memories are so full of substitutes, substitutes counterfeiters, cultural rattles that entertain us: because the current mode of the regime is not to forget history, but of the switch, the imposition of the ersatz, counterfeit by way of entertainment, cultural or tourist, conversion to show any trace of life and reason.

In this devastation by switch, by imposition of the substitute, operation will be to become a theme park to Auswitchz or houses old who cares!, and this is done because it presents and promises in the face of "make culture". Without this mediation of that prostitution culture would flourish not any cultural project that moved millions.

Can be reached by those ways of the cultural entertainment at the end of the grotesque: reconstruct the crime scene to a cultural historical safari mode where new generations of democratic paradise come to see with their eyes and detail how was hunting and death of the rebels. And even to wear time, sea guard assault or ragged peasant to give more realism and curiosity to experience.

But although the claim of the administration of death that it is observed that that "tourism are all", not everything is tourism and we are all tourists. Anything else that is there even if it is every day more doomed by reality and their businesses, is still alive and will not be silenced and constant signs of rebellion against that sentence. Not going to spoil that which is still alive and beating low is deleted and disabled, integrated and assimilated by the impositions of a prostitution culture that attempts to reduce and take advantage of the rebellion of the people for their businesses. The rebellion and the blood of the anonymous people are not for sale or promotion.

And finally a warning also for the rebels here and now: this protest of common sense against dual violence of the State Capital and the reigning stupidity of executives of God (in his most current face, the money), our strength, the libertarian resistance, must be common and anonymous, no personal ideological capitalization or sectarian affiliation to any group. No affiliation or organization can take over the dead, the life of those dead and his rebellion will continue to live to the extent that they are also free, free to ourselves, which are all and none of anyone who says NO.

That old houses continues to be a living example of truth and reason of the people that never dies.

The world: Saturday 8 October 2005. OPINION

Agustín García Calvo and Isabel Escudero, Professor of classical philology and Professor of the Open University as well as co-editor of the journal archipelago, respectively, wrote this text at the time of the Act of protest last week in the town of Casas Viejas in Cadiz against the hotel tourist project which aims to give the name of María the libertarian to the hotel and complex built on the site of the deaths of farmers locked in 1933.


Casas Viejas (José Luis López del Río, 1983), part 1


Casas Viejas (José Luis López del Río, 1983), part 2


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