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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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Independence day

Independence day

Independence day   


Posted in avant-garde, July 8, 2011
Agustín García Calvo

I get to read an entry in the network where a character, high office who is or has been in the catalan Government, is angered by forces with the campers in the plaza de Catalunya and sent those whom they were not not very Catalan or Catalan that they will piss his country and only the Catalans meen in Catalonia. The case, although chusco, not that is why less tragic that when children would make us learn the war of independence of Spain against the Napoleonic Empire and the poetry of May 2 that after exalt the greatness of Spain, at the end goes to the fallen race: "rest in the Tomb, the courageous Iberian people swearing with haughty face that until Spain succumb will not stepped on your grave the plant from abroad".

I guess that the more sensible or less deluded my readership, already the single cry of homeland, are cast to tremble; because they know that it is that proclamation which has served to the great sarracinas that our history is darned; and so with the patriotic wars of yesteryear, or, even more, santas, who have left us chopped map as you know; but already the welfare State, with the submission of States to the movement of capital, which will determine which are which he calculates (by Fortune is often wrong) which borders, joints or gaps will better serve their interests and management, continues the patriotic idea running, ringing hollow, but no less dreadful.

The most painful for what remains of people is the use of the language by the Empires, States or regions: can't the regidores understand truly the language of his people, because the language they neither have manufactured it or is nobody (single machine for anyone, who thus escapes the law of money and free), but that can, through writing and organs of power as schools academies, law and media at your service, seize a language, unify it and regulate it, enforce it as theirs; and it is what they seek to achieve (never at all, fortunately), with the latin Empire, risen Hebrew writing for Israel, the Spanish for Spain, catalan or Basque, uniformed for the respective service.

I call common sense of those who not only read, but you hear. The difference between languages that really matters is not the division of languages organizations, uniting and divisions of the tribes or States have drawn with rigid line on the map: is that in any language of the historical world, writing and culture, there is still a division, fluctuating, but clear, between layers: the upper layerwhich, coming from the authority, letters, school, the language of the Administration, military, commercial or governmental, is imposed to the people by force, by the need to have a job or earn their bread in the morning, and the layer below or subconscious of the language of truth, which is spoken among the people, and that it does so well because no one it sends is not own speaker is aware that He knows it.

The top layer must be a dialect or slang cultured (political jargon, the finance, the legal and the bureaucratic, scientific, the philosophical, literary), and that is made to lie (the power or the money cannot, without faith, sustained it), and is that which really is at war (in any language), vulgar language, and moliente, the "Román paladino which usually the village fablar to your letter". Isn't that the vulgar language can not lie is: are lies, and much and at every turn (precisely when one wants to say truths), only that there is not systematically and by necessity.

This is the real war between languages, in any language, is always taken, where playing the sort of power, which is an ideal, and that of the people that does not exist, but that there are, below persons of the Lords and their minions, and still occasionally speaking.

And if you accompanied me, reader, in this desmentimiento of the homelands, you do not stop at bars and still with me to the attack last patriotism: patriotism last is the man, and any humanism is a mere patriotism, so lacking in basis as others; is the man, sure to be the center of the world, for whose good and glory God has prepared so good heavens and Earth, with that faith by banner has throughout its history to raze fields, felling forests, kill chain beasts bred at your service, proclaiming himself the one who speaks and reasons, remove reason in else, and develop a science or theology in that it is he who knows them all.

Do you recognize the same brands of the wars of homeland and faith that are reproduced in portions between men there?

Never this universal commitment of man will reach its end (calm, in love with the Earth) or their knowledge will never come to be the truth. But, in the meantime, well crush and kill and regulate and lie as they can, trying to turn off what remains of unknown things and common people under its people, dealing with its jargon, stifle the sense and common voice of the things and people.

There it is war or conflict, and we should not forget that last patriotism when we launch to attack and deny the patrioterias and lies that occur within the roost.


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