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Domesticated protests

Domesticated protests

Domesticated protests 


November 3, 2007


They are a few listings for people still alive, more and more numerous in spite of everything, they feel in their flesh the blight and the plague of land and life that produces this regime in the service of the movement of the money, but then, for the sake of itself that their protest is realistic and demonstrate that they are aware, they are forced to adopt the language of the media and science serving the regime, which have been achieved since the proposal is assimilated to the informational mainstream and lose the vividness and fury of the pain and indignation that was born.
That it is not enough to feel the misery of the sentence to gasoline and the highway that we loaded, there in fields and cities, and has to go, to stand up against it, to the study of what the use of fossil fuels may influence, beyond tomorrow, the warming of the atmosphere and the polesthat has moved away from the basic and common outrage that declares that the car and its consequences reata is a mistake and the great plague of the century, and that you don't have to go to the high information to give you features that, because it is there under your noses and the door of your House, and what that can do about climate change is not more than a flourish of what's doing there about and today.

The same, if one innocently adopts sustainable development, already with that is opening up entrance to the enemy (with great money, enemy of the people), and are wanting forget what that remains of people saying in the heart: development that development only to the Capital need you to sustain and continue with their evil work, and for people living, without more surname, it is unbearable and distributor of death to the villages and lives.

Who is entertained discussing a new Plan of education of children and boys and the notion of 'citizenship' replacing 'religion', what you are doing is to work (albeit inadvertently count, man) with the work pedagogical and deadly power, since it distracted the attention and ire of what any plying or any unhappy predatory perceives: that in what has to be the new Plan of education (known as you want) is to get that
all learners higher than elementary have a personal computer for each one.

And so also you, friends of the Earth of Barros, it is better for you not paper by way of defending your lands, rich wines that were you these years making birth of them, your peoples and your lives or customs, with arguments "eco-logicos" and sensible and even economic (the richness of your lands, wines, industries and arts that come out is(, certainly much more certain that that oil consortiums promise you for letting you pass through in a straight line, and the precious water from your crops devoted to cool the overheating of a refinery), because, if you do so, it will seem that you are respecting the upper need that pipeline or that there is oil pipelines in the world: not: in this there is no more defense than attack: discover and declare that that of the...(Hell no call it pipeline even, won't someone think that 'oil-' has something to do with the rich and holy oil of olives, but 'oil tube' or something even worse), which is only a need for power and the company that put their faith in that, but to the landpeople and lives does them not lack for nothing.

I refuse to believe in the future that they want to impose how hopeless: else, as it is said in the Gospel, are given in addition.


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