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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
  • Agustín Esquema del Lenguaje - Ella
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Crazy comes in Madrid

Crazy comes in Madrid
Crazy comes in Madrid

The story of a singular Zamora who wanders the capital of Spain eyes want to see everything regardless of their condition, which has led him to escape from a mental institution.

M. A. Fernández Casquero

(story transcribed by Agustín García Calvo through telephone conversations)


Story published Sunday in La Opinion de Zamora, 08-01-2012.

That is, I have to tell someone, because if you do not see that here I have become a mess in this nursing wing called the truth I'm fine, I'm fine, that neither God nor temblequeos asthma and I've slept a nap three hours and as I was going to pee, I have come to the patio to smoke three cigarettes in a row because we do not leave me day and night and Pepsi is on call and has learned, so now I have to tell someone about the trip to Madrid because it has an interest, Cone, and I can go head and if I want to tell the Pepsi I will send gargle and you believe it is that I engatusármela for something good, that leaves not being good aunt and if you let him got my sixty-all two powders followed that would be silly, but that neither I will ignore and also because he has told the ambulance in short and badly, so what will do, I know that, as it is almost time to call the teacher, you know that in recent years I'm still staying at pisquiátrico with mote of schizophrenia or another who have been putting me, I make every day a quick call to tell you how I, sometimes I make more than one and I get angry a little but this man will have more faith than anyone in the world taking away my father or, well, without removing it, that as a student I read the things that drew me and almost memorized and kept still here to review your books if you do not forget me in a bar and robbed them any, so as call on mobile in this unit itself consenting me, what I'll do is call, I'm calling, and tell me what happened, I know what I'm counting on that break, that is the last Tuesday after he had returned to Madrid and left me here locked as always, for giving me the boot and taking an oversight I escaped with some money I had left and went and got in the way and autorrés madriles with intend to go on Wednesday that of the party he has in elAteneo, so let me past the bus in a sad maze of concrete and rubber and sounds of south Station that was not in the Madrid of my memories, and pordioseando of each other at a bar to take something that sent me of each other to fuck until a kind man took me to his defense and I sat down to eat with him saying to hear the waiters' ask whatever way I see you're an educated man, no need to worry about the bill, "then one caught me in his car and left me in Sol I was intending to go to the gathering to Prado Street thing is I should to catch bad a meter and I went to stop at a station yonder street of Alcala that there with the t that baked my feet started walking Alcalá down or know the miles would between laughing eyes Girl the step to more serious faces one with whom to go reeling me stumble a bit as well until I got to give for Velázquez, and the Salamanca walked so richly wandering although flip flops dragging were a torment, when I go and I unemployment with a good temper and long necklaces that proved Colombia that finally cut the gab and dismissed me with a litany of prayers that were buzzing in my ears as I trotted or crawled down the sidewalk until I ran into a shimmy with a pretty pretty graceful passing rushed but that was good enough to listen to me and stood with me a while I soon found out it was, I miusté where, piscóloga or pisquiatra and was called I think Nora and even between Smalltalk gave me three kisses and when he left me and I was back a few steps back and gives me ten bucks "to sleep in Madrid" and so was wandering from street to street occasionally some kids laughed at me and told me to wisecracks step shirtless belly or flip flops or wearing leathers and desafeites I did not do half and half but ended up flip-flops and take them off it by my feet swelled and ached and throwing them away and so I followed the wanderings barefoot on the cobblestones that were warm even at night with furious August sun had done and e1 Anyway, I was already back in Alcalá hit one that called him Piyuyo that he told me and put me very friendly and while smoking in American chain and let me go any longer I was proposing to collaborate on a trapicheo coca or something and I loved seeing and tucked into the matter only at last, I seep me to deaf or he was bored with my chatter, the fact is that I look again only those streets (not that I would have fun with these forgotten what the Ateneo, which is that I think I thought "the teacher will to espelufar me if I stand in the room of the blue looking like this and it will not let me speak in public which is what I need and I do that well, so why "), well, that until came to the meeting with the millionaire, who was a well-dressed man of good plant, and then he taught me labels wearing clothes so he could see, as he drew attention for something and then began to invite me to a terrace and rather than ask me to tell him of his life, that if a lawyer was the big bank, if I had a girlfriend who was now ENVALENCIA, which is why I finally said "Come to my house I'm alone for dinner and sleep if you want, let ', and there we went, it was a pisazo super-duper in a corner of Alcalá street with polished floors and curtains to the windows there let me bathe in a large bathroom with marble and gilding and then gave me some of his gayumbas and walked to get dinner with him making things that will stay in the fridge and ate there a few pasta dishes and eggs and do not know how much more, then I started to say that if sleep but pulls back and tells me that if we were going out there to take a copejas or whatever comes out and grabbed me as skewer to it and there we go round in places that knew him and he showed me as illustrious philosopher and kept the drinks on credit and when not to (what surprised me and now I think is that I did not have credit cards of, so maybe it was not really a millionaire), because with the money he had and how much I was more me giving it some pompous going by passing it as we invite God, well, God, running lights and music from street to street up to San Bernardo I think we arrived, and when it started to fade night what happens to the friend, "Man, what we will do is I take the mercedes that I have recently cargao gas and with the progress that has I take a tripitrís to Zamora, come on, let's go home to look "so I that good and there were going just had to take a cab and not left us more than him five bucks and me two and with that we would not get but we take it and gives him the address and tells him" press 7 when we leave wherever what are you going to do, "and the driver and grumbling that he does not know where we arrived without any compassion left in land that was still far from home and I was derrengao with that he goes and says, "Look, you stay here" in a bank that there was' right back and pick you up with junk, "so I sat there and I was gawking time and time that would be first half hour then certainly more than one until suddenly got tired and telling the air "because if you do not want to come, look" with the finger "and fuck you friend" I got up and went away wandering hither and thither not know which streets until I let myself collapse in another bank and you was there for about 6 that rang me for some wave stopped an ambulance SAMUR lowering some and ask me the name I gave it, why why hide it?, and without further put me and take me to a hospital but which hospital jo! 5 stars at least I try to to mime because I get a slim pisquiatra with big eyes behind the glasses that sends me to sleep for a while to a royal bedchamber, God, I slept until they know how much live and I got breakfast so richly and then another plump but still pisquiatra sympathetic than the other examined me a little and asks me for my adventures no harder than to meet and tell me what they know about me and announced that later when you have an ambulance available will reimburse the pisquiátrico Zamora, so I then served a wonderful lunch with an average chick between peas and potatoes that I can not forget even so amodorrao medium was they spending the afternoon until at last come two mozancones with yellow chevrons without further mishap put me in the ambulance and undertake to travel northwest to cloth, they were good guys and teased me as I once say "Michelangelo Mindful that we are going up the top of the Lions and we and down 'pretending deceived me as if I did not know we were going through the Guadarrama tunnel straightened out to Zamora, and here I left in good hands as long as you are good I have to admit even though I occasionally complain of chief physician or nurses or orderlies although dawn was took me a while in the dungeon until you know what they did with me then took me out and turned to good treatment, good hands, and this is where I keep and it has given me for telling adventure mobile and ear of the teacher and anyone who'll listen that this also has its something that has had to come to tell you how crazy is Madrid, walking you cough on those streets from God and not learn.
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