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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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Anthem of the community of Madrid

Anthem of the community of Madrid


Agustín García Calvo lyrics, with music by the composer Pablo Sorozábal Serrano. Joaquín Leguina, commissioned the composition of the anthem for the symbolic price of a peseta.


I was in the Middle:
they were the others circle
and I was the Center.
Already the circle is broken,
already the people, make State
and here's vacuum turning
alone I am.
Everyone wants to be each one:
I am not going to be less:
Madrid, one, open, round,
autonomous, whole.
Look at the subject
turns giving the world
to stand still.
I have my body,
a triangle broken on the map
by law or decree
between Ávila and Guadalajara,
Segovia and Toledo,
province province
Flower of the desert.
Somosierra keep me North and
Guadarrama with Gredos;
Jarama, and Henares to the Tagus
They are the rest.
And at the expense of this
I am the last autonomous entity,
the pure and sincere.
Long live my owner!,
that only by being something
I am from Madrid.
And in the middle of the medium,
capital of the essence and power,
garages, museums,
stages, traffic lights, benches,
and long live the dead!,
Madrid, Metropol, ideal
the Dios de el Progreso:
What happens out there, all passes
me and why
officials in me and proletarians
and numbers, souls and masses
they fall under their weight;
and I am from everyone and anyone,
politician dream.
And that is my desire,
that something is said
"from Madrid to the sky".






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