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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
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Home » Interviews » ABC Cultural supplement. 27-04-2008

ABC Cultural supplement. 27-04-2008

ABC Cultural supplement. 27-04-2008

Cultural Supplement ABC. 27-04-2008

"No to the Future" García Calvo, son of 68


Agustín García Calvo, grammarian, poet, playwright, thinker, warring against the family, religion, mass media training, history ... the reality

It arrives without rushing, cordial, with its legendary traits, like his hair, white sideburns and mustache, like a character in itself does not want to be, not in vain its war against what is not stopped in its being: No refuses to speak May 68, on the contrary, but to focus the question wields a sheet just typed. Speak softly, without hesitation, developing arguments Socratic cleaning, looking into the eyes, but trying to get that look is not persuasive tax or an invitation to keep talking. Looks like an old lion was never fierce, though perhaps it is when required, but makes you want to hop on a slow train with him. He writes: "A) is commemorated, is discussed, that is interpreted in serious books or novels or movies and Media Training, and even more when they can count who spent 40 years all this comes to be to reduce to History what. Now, this was (and is) a survey of people, not all submissive yet against the Future that hit them, the more advanced the Future Scheme world imposed on them as necessary. And this is that the power to achieve submission to His Future, complete the process by converting the memory, where there is something alive and dangerous, history, dates and facts already known and thus can not hurt. I still living now that I left uprising against that entangle Future, and it still living and doing what we can against this reduction History and Future against this, it's the same. "

Born in 1926 in Zamora, Ph.D. in Classical Philology at the University of Salamanca with the thesis "Prosody and old metrics." In 1965 he was ousted as professor of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with Tender, Montero Aranguren and Diaz for supporting student protests. Exiled in France, was a professor at the University of Lille and Collège de France. In 1976 he was restored to his professorship, which he held until retirement in 1992. "Drive & desmanda" every Wednesday a gathering against Reality in the Ateneo de Madrid.

He writes: "B) May '68 in Paris is just the end, magnificent, of that, after which he would not bloody sad but well-known around the Order, blind students shot to death in the street of Mexico, the trick desperate intensification of the war in Viet-Nam, the entry into Prague tanks otherwise Regime, and disintegrating before the Parent. But that was from years ago, various centers, populous and student Development: it was NOT that stood at the time the regime, that of blatant submission of Power and State movement of capital, it was necessary, in Tokyo in California, even in Madrid, on large assemblies of students in late February and early March 1965, and only later in the fighting of sites in Germany and France. It should be clarified that, because the taste commemorate the final, May 68, is also revealing of how far the rear and conform, want to forget what that said and continues to say NO. "

García Calvo is not satisfied. National Essay Prize for "Speaking of speaking," National Prize for Dramatic Literature "The Deck of King Peter" and National Award to all the work of a translator (are legendary versions of Aristophanes, Heraclitus, Homer, Socrates, Virgil ...), many of their titles are statement: "Against Reality, studies languages ​​and things ',' News from below ',' Against Peace. Against Democracy, "" against Time, "" Against the couple '... Write "C) If you wonder where it came (and still comes) the strength or grace to say no to the Future, the Money and the State at your service, you could respond to what comes from the people, and for example the rude student flock left alive feeling and common reason; but will do well to remember that weapons for the rebellion's always provided, on each occasion, the Enemy: are the inevitable failures of Power, exaggeration of their pressures, crashing his lies, which serves to move uprisings of people like the 60's or any others that may arise over the world. But do not forget that you are only occasions: Power is always the same and always managing death his work. "

The Role of the Media

Ask-The Mass Media Training, as you call the media, are pillars of the society of the spectacle, history keepers, managers convince us that the struggle is doomed to failure?

Answer-They are only part of Power: are the voice of the Lord. As the branch is founded in falsehood, faith is the fundamental need: to make people believe in the reality, the reality that is all there is. It is some relief, amid the din, that they have to keep preaching that Fe every day and by all Means: because, if it were true, why would they continue to preach what is the reality and making it make people or at least the Majority?

Q. - "The Future of an Illusion" Freud predicted the end of religion, however we seem to live a revival of religion. Is it a replacement of Money?

R. - It is not a replacement. Money is the face, the dominant name of God in the present society. What happens is that the dominant form of religion, which is money, the dominant shape of the face of God who is the money, it carries very well with the rest of the religions of the old regime, and not only brings good them but also get to hold them, the money itself promotes, makes them well-integrated companies. Far from enmity seems like a ways to entertain, to deceive, by means of the old religions properly complement the dominant form of cheating that is to sell Future, which is Money. Nothing can be expected from such proliferation. All are the same.

Q. - What attracts you than say physicists 'lawless' writing on the net, you know that science has labeled as one of those fearsome gods?

R. - I've been very dedicated to this year. I have read over a thousand entries in the network, thanks to my friend the mathematician Luis Caramés, which has provided me these printed materials. It looks at these occasional entries in the books that is also something in the physical that keeps them quiet estarse conclusions and visions about what is the reality of the physical purport to be the main way to treat. It is characteristic of science itself serve to power. It is characteristic of science therefore misleading, because without faith and the power lie does not hold. This is true of science as it once could say or you can continue to say of philosophy or theology. What happens is that science, like other institutions of power, it is never quite well made, tightly closed, and things like that are beyond those found in physical lawless I call that help put the problem live below of any solution, and that's the best that can be said of science, the best that can be said of any form of thought.

Lost in balumba

Q. - If one "googles" Agustín García Calvo appear over two million documents, do not know if all related to you, but many. Do you think that network lies a chance to alter the status quo?

R. - I have to take with some humor that what I receive news. Certainly hope can not be put on the network, which is becoming a maelstrom, and around the same as inflation publications, books in general, the little good, awake, developer, is in principle doomed to lose in the heap. That's the ordinary. But I do not despise anything. Occasionally I hear of people who have learned something that may have hurt him really - go figure - through the network. You have to take as well, with some good humor, which is part of the type of system that touches us, and maybe you have a threat of chaos can be worth more than what you have service to oppression.

Q. - theater remains one of his passions permanent, which would still be comfortable?

A. - Yes, it would be theater, which for me consists mostly of a game with a game time between two times: the time of what is being represented, adventure time, the events of passions, and time itself in the play, the drama, is living, the hour and a half which usually lasts. In other types of productions is no such thing, there is not a novel, where time has no representation. In the theater should have if it had theater is very interesting because it goes the way that theater fulfill this function, which also recognize you why with as prostituted name is called poetry in general, which is to discover the lies reality, which is false in our lives and in most things.

Q. - Is AVE confirmation of their desires or is too fast for thought train and the reconquest of time?

R. - The ideal progress of the railway has become the speed, ie arriving soon, it's very sad. Because this domain of order, arrival, swallowed what could have current life in the path of travel of the railroad. That is sad. To me I do not need to reach so soon be in a time in Valladolid, as they have managed to do. I do not look kindly on who would need it. Suspect and regret the rest, the chances of the window and conversations on the train remain increasingly bypassed. So train lower clumsily imitates media in this effort: the bus or the plane, not to mention the car, the darling of the regime, the representative of the obedient to the ideals of the regime's own person.

Q. - Do you live as you want?

R. - Living a life with a future, condemned to the Future, it may not be desirable for me or anyone left alive. Moreover, in what touches me, I'm rather grateful that the sentence is not so perfect do not let me, occasionally, moments of carelessness, hints of what could be live, and with it let me feel lie substitutes.

Q. - Is that it?

R. - Participated in the need for anyone and anything, to have the illusion that one is that it is; costituye my Reality which is both impossible and. The joy is that my real person and my Own Name, false as it is, is always wrong done: I really am nobody, and there may perhaps be that, in spite of me, escape me sing or say something true.

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