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Complete description of the product PARMENIDES

1st ed: April 2018


Editors: Agustín García Calvo y Luis-Andrés Bredlow Wenda

Language: Español

Editorial: Lucina. 246 p.

«The Parmenides we offer here departs from, in many points, of interpretation and even from the constitution of the Greek text itself, from other editions of the same text that the reader can find (among which, on the other hand, there will not be just two that do not disagree among each other in some more or less important detail) and even of the versions previously published in the successive editions of Pre-Socratic Readings I.

This new annotated edition of the Parmenides fragments is the fruit of the long dedication of Agustín García Calvo and Luis-Andrés Bredlow on the reading and discussion of the remains of the poem that have reached us. Without neglecting interpretations, old and modern, of some verses which come to us from so far away, it is here first about  "to read Parmenides, not his interpreters; or better still, to get them to speak, as far as possible, the verses of the poem themselves, so that the labour of interpretation and commentary comes to consist rather in the essentially negative task of removing obstructions for reading, trying to undo the misunderstandings and the ideas received over the centuries that have been deposited on them».

      «For it would be desirable that those reasons that the goddess told Parmenides should be heard, not yet as said and written by a Greek of the beginning of the fifth century before our era, in his time and historical circumstance, but as if they were be saying themselves now and always, just as in good law corresponds to the truth about what 'never was nor will be, since now it is all at one'. Desirable would be, in sum, a reading that would attend, more than to any historical or scholarly curiosities, to the very questions that these fragments propose to us: being and non-being, truth and reality, the finite and the infinite, the continuous and the discrete, the identity and the time; issues that, as they do not belong to history or to any epoch, but rather to the uncertainties and perplexities that reality suffers necessarily about itself, are still alive and always pressing.»

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