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Grammatical elemments
Grammatical elemments Grammatical elemments Grammatical elemments
ISBN: 978-84-85708-80-2 

Grammatical elemments

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Complete description of the product Grammatical elemments

1st Edition date: 2009

Author: Agustín García Calvo
Language: Spanish
Editorial: Lucina 3 volumes.

Grammatical Elements intended for high school students or others of their age.

The book runs through the following sections:

     (A) Quote: sense; intonations; modalities; 'what' and 'no'.

     (B) Field in which is speaking: "mostrative" indexes; anaphorical; tenses.

    (C) Phrase organization instance: relations; dependence; levels of relationship; links, links included.

   (D) Quantification: number; adjectival degrees; "defacers"; verbal aspect; Verbal action degrees, Modes: Ocasional, possible, counterfactual.

    (E) Significance (of words): semantic vocabulary of a language; tendencies to its ordination by classes or types of meaning.

    (6th) Names: toponyms, prosoponyms, chrononyms.

    (7th) Word / index.

    (8th) One / two word ( s ) .

    (9th) The same / different word.

   (10th) phonemes and prosody: abstract condition; types of writing; letters; ordination scheme of phonemes in Spanish; combinatorial rules, archiphonemes; word stress: dominàdo/dominánte; relationship of the stress with the rhythm; Return to syntactic and sentence intonation.

Each of the streches ends with a series of exercises for students. The intent is to raise awareness of what any speaker knows without knowing it, constantly avoiding confusion of language with writing and leaving aside academic rules or authority.

Tentatively that this reaches out to boys and girls who are completing high school that do not have any other support but the decision of each school center management, recommended for teachers who are specially devoted to the study of grammar and language; it is for this reason that we address you, if this attempt interests you and you want to provide, either in the current course, or for the next one, so your students can use the ELEMENTS.

For greater ease of use, this work is presented in 3 volumes.


  Name Description Size
1. indiceelementosgramaticales.pdf Índice EG 5728 kb
2. elementosgramaticales_20190123_164217.jpg Portada Vol. II 622 kb
3. elementosgramaticales_20190123_164308.jpg Portada Vol. III 770 kb

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