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  • Agustín García Calvo
  • Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012)
  • Agustín Esquema del Lenguaje - Ella

About us

Lucina is not a publishing house to the use, is not just a business, is not even a business and never has been; who has got this far it is likely that knows who we are and what we do, but for those who, for some strange reason, have decided to come to see what is what is going on in  here, we will give them some facts so they will have an idea of where they are:

Lucina was founded on the year 1978, driven by Agustín García Calvo, a little tired of the conditions and constraints of the publishers that had to work with and eager to get to whomever would like to receive the things he was doing.

Starting with the book "On language" in the year, 1979, we have come here with almost a hundred of his titles, versions or translations of classics and others, works all of Agustín except some contributions from people on his environment and friends... And here so far, and up to where the difficulties of various kinds will allow us to sustain us.

So told us Agustin about this tour of all the works that have been published little by little in Editorial Lucina:


"So many things have been going out, to the margins of literary poetry, grammar school, science or philosophy, below me... Against Future´s Empire, against death ... I don't know what can those things continue to do between the living people: If at least they still find anyone who discovers in them common reason, what they, without faith, felt and thought".

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